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Frequently Asked Questions

How is your service different than a P.O. Box at the post office?

We provide you with a real street address, not a P.O. Box number. A street address
provides one a professional image and confidentiality. Further, we offer many
additional services not offered by the post office, including accepting packages from
all carriers, letter and package receipt notification, ability to email or call to check
mailbox contents, faxing and scanning, and a number of other services intended to
allow for maximum management of mail and time savings.

What mailbox sizes do you offer?

We offer a number of physical mailbox sizes as well as virtual mailboxes. Please
contact us with detailed information about your needs as well as an indication of
mail volume expected in the future.

What are mailbox prices?

We offer a number of pricing options depending on mail volume and additional
services requested. Our pricing is flexible and competitive to reflect the value we
provide. Please contact us with detailed information about your needs and we’ll
provide a detailed quote.

How do I open a mailbox?

Forms and Instructions may be found here:

You may either email or fax all forms for us to reserve your mailbox. However, we
require you send all original forms, including a notarized copy of PS Form 1583 and
a photocopy of two valid forms of identification.

How do I sign up for mail forwarding?

Mail Forwarding Worksheet:

You establish a mail forwarding account with us by completing a mail forwarding
worksheet. The mail forwarding worksheet allows you to designating either
scheduled mail forwarding or mail forwarding on demand, whether you choose to
make a deposit for mail forwarding charges or authorize us to charge you each time
mail is forwarded, choose an address to where mail will be forwarded, and elect by
what carrier you wish to have mail forwarded.

We allow client flexibility in changing mail-forwarding options as needed.

How do I know if I have mail or received a package?

We have the ability to notify you if important mail or packages are delivered to
your mailbox. Many clients choose to email our mailbox management team with
inquiries. Other clients call our office to check mailbox contents.

How may I have my mail forwarded?

You may have your mail forwarded by either UPS or USPS. We offer all UPS and USPS domestic and international shipping services.

Will you fax or scan mail?

We have the ability to fax or scan urgent correspondence.

Can other people receive mail at my mailbox?

You may add names of individuals authorized to receive mail at your mailbox, but
each recipient is required to provide two valid forms of identification in order to
complete the mandatory PS Form 1583.

Didn’t find the answer needed? Please contact us and we will respond as soon as

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